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Don’t Chew the Bubble Gum Drink it!

bubble gum soda

Cue Bubble Gun Style lemonade soft drink tastes like a bubble gum dream.  There’s a flavor that is much like that of cotton candy as the drink rolls around in your mouth on the way down your gullet.  The slim can soda costs about one dollar.  There isn’t a flavor …

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Atlatl Makes a Spear Go Faster and Further

Sherpa Survival Atlatl

These guys show you how to make an atlatl.  It is a primitive technology used to throw a huge dart, not really a spear, fast enough that it would go through Spaniards armor.  It wasn’t heavy enough to go all the way through.  The tip kept it from being pulled …

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Outdoor Catered Get Together

We are pleased to announce our first catered outdoor get together. Bring your appetite and bring a friend for this delicious delectable palate pleasing good time.   You will surely enjoys these tasty treats. Each treat is made with care and the best natural ingredients available.  Each roll is lovingly …

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