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Xbox One Gaming Laptop?

Xbox One Gaming Laptop

Xbox One Gaming Laptop How cool would an XBox One be if it were a portable laptop device?  Ben Heck transforms an XBox One into a portable gaming system.  Ben makes his Xbox One S Laptop from parts from a prior project of an Xbox One S. The new laptop …

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Video Games Aren’t All Bad

Video Games

Lot’s of parents believe that playing video games is a bad practice for children, especially violent video games.  We have been told it makes kids aggressive and violent but society today has less violent crime per capita than it did in the 80’s and 90’s when violent video games started. …

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How to Eat Corn Fast

This man has no concern for his dental health or the safety of his lips, but he loves his corn with plenty of sauce.  Where someone would get an idea to do something like this who knows but as the saying goes, kids don’t try this at home.  Especially if …

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Outdoor Catered Get Together

We are pleased to announce our first catered outdoor get together. Bring your appetite and bring a friend for this delicious delectable palate pleasing good time.   You will surely enjoys these tasty treats. Each treat is made with care and the best natural ingredients available.  Each roll is lovingly …

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